Quarantine passed… now where should I bring my crush on a date?

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Besides the small buisnises, from this situation were affected the lovers also. The ones which are happily in love were improvising dates and single people moved to instagram. You started talking with your crush and you`re thinking how to continue the converdation offline? GetOut is here to give you ideas for dates to help you!

If you are relaxed and you want to go to the classic park route, Velo caffee and Nomad are nearby and offer good coffee. If you`re from the ones which don`t drink coffee, you can eat photogenic pancakes in the city from Fluffy, for the ones which want something healthy you can go to squeeze me  with big choices of juices and shakes.

 Would you rather go for a walk in the center? The real places for a break are nearby: fries or melted cheese in Gorki, for dessert there is ice cream on the other side on the street in Radost. Good opportunity to make a mix good supplements, if you really want to check your trust, you could choose even for the other one!

 You looked at the gym, on quay or to Vodno and now you want to ontinue? Fitness house is the riht choice for you. The healthy version of the food which you want and the momost important- guilt free!

 If you feel fancy and you want a bit private atmosphere an good food, we recommend you meal in Daily. No matter what you want salad, pizza, meat or pasta – you can`t make a mistake. For dessert are waiting the best waffles in Skopje from Martini. If you think you`ve ate a good waffle, Martini is here to proove you that there`s better.

Well if both of you would rather a good drink rather than food or you need a little bit liquid courage, Casa offers you unforgettable cocktails and charming atmosphere. Though, for the ones which are more for beer and good music, Woodstok is the place. With the Woodstock playlist in the back, your beer will go perfectly, but most likely and the conversation.

After this isolation, we hope that you like the rocomendation and you will quickly move on from this “love crisis”.

Have wonderful time and take good care,

Marija Janeva


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