Looking for “productive” coffee?

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Everyone has been in a situation where we should work or study outdoors. We go to the reading room, park, bench or similar, but it often happens to go to a great caffee/bar. Even though everyone has different preferences when it comes to the needed atmosphere for studying, not everyone can concentrate somewhere else besides home (including me ), normally, it can happen sometimes. So even if that`s what you wish or not, you`ll be in situation where you`ll have to do your assignments in “uncommon atmosphere (so to speak), here are few places which I recommend.

Kashmir, Kotur, Public Room. Why?


Besides coming here for drinking coffee or beer, I also come here to do something(alone or with someone). Then we usually sit on the second floor. Even the design on this place makes you feel like you`re sitting in one chill vintage room with cool music playing in the back. I feel so comfortable and free forgetting my entire stress.


When I`m in the mood to be surrounded by other people, but yet concentrated (something like sitting in the garden listening to something alive around  me and don`t want to be be in complete silence) I go to Kotur, in the outdoor part. Simply said, I feel like I`m in cute garden with good coffee and chill music which helps me focus.

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Заедно учиме #tb #coworking #study #ideas

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Public Room

It`s not famous only by the interesting and productive events, but also because many people go there to work and study, because of the creative made place with its comfort it offers. 10/10.

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