How to wake up your adrenaline after quarantine?

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After we drank all the coffees, ate all the snacks and eventually our free trial on HBO and Netflix will pass, it is time to activate our adrenaline junkie. The following post is for the ones which want every hang out to be unforgettable, but also for the ones who haven`t discovered the adventurist inside you.

Skaj kart

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May the speed force be with you today❗

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Skaj Kart is the right choice for everyone which want  to improve in front of  the steering wheel and to feel that carting spirit. Appropriate in all ages and types od people, Skaj kart can be interesting experience fot friends, family, friend or partner. But we warn you, after the first time you will want again!

Кayaking on Matka

No matter if you`re nature lover which exercises regularly or someone who wants to chill with his friend, kayaking in Matka is appropriate for everyone. Easy activity for beginners, yet interesting and for the ones with more experience. Even you`ve gone to drink beer in the nature or for sport, it is guaranteed good company and relaxed atmosphere.

Boulder Bar

Boulder Bar is for everyone which want to try rock climbing. Whatever your motive is, your challenge, building new skill  or simply liking this sport, you won`t be disappointed. Don`t care if you became couch potato, you can always climb as much as you want and downstairs will be a mattres waiting for you to arrive in their hug!

2Glide Tandem Paragliding

In the end, for the most courageous ones, here is the tandem paragliding available with 2Glide. With their offer in near Skopje (Vodno and Skopska Crna Gora), 2Glide is easily available and experience which will drive your adrenaline higher than ever. Prepare yourself to outgrow your limit and enjoy the view from the plane! 

With those activites, the fun is guaranteed. Challenge yourself and share your photos with us to see you you liked it.

See you soon,

Marija <3

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