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If you ask someone what is their favorite part of Skopje, the answer will probably not be a bar. From neighborhood playgrounds to a place where we really want to sit or just chill, everyone will offer you their authentic perspective. This takes on a new dimension when we combine it with the art inspired by the city. In today’s post we will talk about only a part of the display of Skopje through the tools of young artists.

Скопје 091

For all of us who left the colors in childhood, it’s time to take new ones. Skopje 091 is one of the colors for adults of the Publishing Center Three, for which Vasil Semkoski draws inspiration not only from everyday life today, but also the moments from the past for the city that everyone should know. Starting from post-earthquake Skopje with the inclusion of symbols such as GTC, Old Railway, MoCA and Stone Bridge, this coloring book creates an experience whose limitation is not only visible. Each subsequent page arouses nostalgia and expresses recognition, even with the use of satire. And best of all – we can challenge our own creativity as we fill it.

Graffiti Shop Hrom

When street art is mentioned, we usually think of graffits. With the development of the street gallery, any city gray wall can be revived. Graffits Shop Hrom is the place that offers literally everything a graffit enthusiast needs: from sprays to markers, inks and notebooks, but more importantly – encouragement, space and support to develop Skopje’s street art.

Skopje street and art gallery

Within the project of MKC entitled “Убаво Скопје or Skopje street and art gallery” for two years in a row, talented artists gathered in order to break part of the city monotony. First the GTC and then the multi-storey garage “July 26” became the new open galleries, and over a dozen artists gave their personal stamp. This project not only recognized the creativity and talent of local prominent artists, but also brought art closer to all Skopje residents.

I am glad to see such projects and I honestly think that our city has the potential for even more. Those are the things which i managed to separate, ramain more for the next time.

Best regards,

Marija <3

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